We got our start by having a friend of ours who was in Vietnam and came home with agent orange  The only thing over the years that he had found to help was a cream that the doctors prescribed to him that he can only use twice a day and had a shelf life of one month. That only stop the itching never healed the problem, it cost him $500 a month…

My wife Lisa and I have been experimenting with hemp and hemp oils  over a period of time and came up with a fragrance free all natural lotion infused with hemp Oil. Within two weeks of using our cream his sores were dried up and healing. That’s when Limbo Lotion was born.

We have since been experimenting with the lotion and in our studies have found that this lotion is helping extreme dry skin conditions, like psoriasis, shingles, dermatitis and helps with joint pains like arthritis. We have found that Limbo Lotion takes away the itching from bug bites including mosquito bites. Kathy out of Alamosa Colorado wrote us and said it cured her shingles in less then a week using our Limbo Lotion,  plus John out of Texas that has been going to doctors for 15 years trying to cure his dermatitis. gone within a week of using Limbo Lotion. It works great for your pets skin conditions as well. We have had numerous people write and tell us that Limbo Lotion takes away there joint pain to where they sleep all night without waking up from there aches and pains..

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