We got our start by having a friend of ours who was in Vietnam and came home with agent orange The only thing over the years that he had found to help was a cream that the doctors prescribed to him that he can only use twice a day and had a shelf life of one month. That only stopped the itching and never healed the problem, it cost him $500 a month…

My wife Lisa and I have been experimenting with hemp and hemp oils over a period of time and came up with a fragrance free all natural lotion infused with hemp Oil. That’s when Limbo Lotion was born.


  1. I have low back pain and neck pain due to an accident. I have been taking CBD oil for less than 2 months and has really helped. When I have some break through pain at night and the Lotion helps then. Glad I heard of CBD oil and your hemp farm. Thank you.

  2. I’ve heard you on Captain Fred’s show. I’ve been using Cannabis for awhile but since my Dr can No Longer sign my certificate, I’m left to find ways to medicate my body. I do smoke but a Now in an apartment dwelling where smoking is Not Allowed. I do well with this in my body am am hurting so much of late. I’d Love to try Your product. Can You Please send me a Sample?

  3. Will I test positive for THC with your products?

  4. You will not test positive for THC with our products. we send people down for DOT drug testing. the DOT test is a more in depth test. they ingest twice the recommended dose daily for 6 weeks before there test. we have never had a positive test. thank you for your question. have a great night Pam.

  5. Is this organic? Thank you

  6. Everything we grow and use in our products is organic.

  7. Wondering if your farm location was,once property of Cisneros family. We lived on 6 mile road (Rd 6 S ) several decades ago. Thanks.

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