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We love our customers and we love that we get to work with such an amazing plant that can do so much, not just for us, physically, mentally as a health product but also for the environment and more. To that end we want to hear from you on how our products have helped you in your life, How they have helped your well being. So testify! Once we have read your testimony we will put it out there for all to see.

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Changing my Eye Health!

Jan 10, 2018 by Brenda Bewley

I've had eye inflammation and high pressure in my left eye for over 3 years and endured injections every six weeks and bottles of eye drops to no avail. BUT, after taking the High CBD for 60 days everything is improving finally! Not to mention a good nights sleep! Thank you Jim and Lisa for sharing your High Quality CBD Oil, vast knowledge and caring for us!

Its giving my little girl back

Nov 28, 2017 by Joanna Whitley

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010. It just hit us like a ton of bricks one day. She has had up to 30-40 seizures a day. She would stop breathing and require us to go to the hospital. We spent close to 3 months at one point in the hospital at a time. No one could tell me what was happening. She was numerous medicines all with side effects but still the seizures kept coming. I have been giving her the capsules since mid July and it is a VAST improvement. I can not begin to describe the feeling our family has had since then. I have my little girl back.

Life Changing!

Oct 24, 2017 by Leslie

I started taking the CBD olive oil capsules in June and the results are amazing!! First of all, I have lost 20 lbs. without changing anything else. Fabulous!! Overall I have so much more energy, no crazy food cravings, no wild hormone swings or menopause symptoms that I was having, no aches or pains of any kind. It's like the greatest multi-vitamin you could take and obviously something my body needs, recognizes, and is using to my benefit every day! My hair, skin and nails are all so much healthier. I can't say enough wonderful things about Jim and Lisa and Green Acres! The work they are doing is truly life changing! Thank you!!!!!!

Oct 19, 2017 by Jo Stewart

Jim, found a new use for lip balm, I put a little on my finger and messaged into my finger nail. They were thin and always broken. In no time they were no longer breaking all the time and were really strong.

Helps my feet with diabetic neurophy

Oct 17, 2017 by Larry

My pain pills were no longer covering the pain in my feet. A friend insisted that I try limbo lotion. I was sure it was quackery. Well guess what, I slept all night the first night!! Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

Sep 27, 2017 by Matthew

Hi Jim and Lisa
I bought the extra strength CBD capsule s for my father-in-law to help stop his arms and hands that have been shaking for awhile. After the fourth day of taken the capsules his arms and hands have not shaking! Amazing product! Oh and he has more energy also!
Thank You


Sep 11, 2017 by Cindy Gochenour

I recently discovered Limbo Lotion when I was in Pagosa Springs for the weekend. I had taken a pretty bad fall about a month and a half before and broke my elbow in two places and also injured my foot, however, I never had my foot looked at. was hurting so bad when we got to Pagosa and the farmers market was being held right next to our motel so I went looking for something to relieve my pain and boy did I find it!! I rubbed the lotion on my foot and within 30 minutes I had NO PAIN!! I couldn't believe how well it worked!! I took it to my friend and she used some on her cracked heal and she, too, experienced complete relief! I am absolutely sold on this product and am very anxious to try everything else! Thank you so much! ! I'm telling everyone about your products!! They are simply AMAZING!!

Pain gone

Sep 07, 2017 by Steve

Hi Jim and Lisa ! I just met you good folks at the Pogosa Springs flea market...I tried the product ,the extra strength CBD capsules, one didn't do much...2 of them done the trick ! I was amazed at how well I really slept...first time in 4 years I have slept that good ! I have 6 herniated discs in my back. I'm getting sooo very tired of the prescription meds that I have been taking...I have no control over my meds...the doctor says ' you will take such n such meds at this interval ' the only problem is...the pain don't always come n go at their prescribed intervals.
With your product, how many comes in a 30 day supply of the extra strength capsules ? ( Like I said...I noticed that it took 2 to do the trick for me)
Thank you so much for this product

Fibromyalgia relief

Aug 30, 2017 by Beverly Hughes

Because I had heard that cbd oil was helpful to fibromyalgia patients I decided to give it a try...anything to get some relief from the pain. I tried it first from another provider and the first taste was of olive oil. Didn't use it for long though, cuz they were drops and I didn't like the olive oil taste. When I met Jim at Green Acres I was intrigued with the oil being in capsule form, more pleasant & easier to dose. I also requested to taste one of the pills and to my surprise, could not even detect the flavor of the olive oil. So I took a chance and bought the cbd oil again....and it has worked wonders. I even fell while taking the cbd and tore one knee up pretty badly and sprained the other when I fell on asphalt. Much to my surprise, I had absolutely no bruising!! I then accidentally allowed myself to run out of taking the oil every day and had started feeling so much better...within about a week of being without my cbd I am starting to feel the ill affects of not having my oil. I will never allow myself to run out again and I will only buy my products from Green Acres Hemp....they have a quality product that really helps anyone with fibromyalgia.

helped my fibromyalgia

Jul 25, 2017 by Chelley Lynn Kaufman

Chelley Lynn Kaufman reviewed Green Acres Hemp Farm — 5 star
December 19, 2016 ·
I have Fibromyalgia and have tried many things. I do not like taking prescribed medications.
A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Limbo Lotion to try. I was very skeptical. .. I rubbed it into 2 of my pressure points that hurt the most. It eased the pain almost immediately.
The pressure point in my hip is the worst. Pain so bad shooting through my left every night. I have spent many sleepless nights in pain. For the past week I have faithfully rubbed Limbo Lotion on my hip twice a day. I have not felt any pain at all and am able to sleep!!! I forgot what sleep felt like. 🙂
I recently started taking the cbd infused pills. I am on day 3. I have noticed a difference in my energy level, my feet don't hurt as bad, I am not stiff when I wake up, I am able to focus more ....
I highly recommend Green Acres products!!
P.s. ... great customer service as well. Jim is very friendly and takes time to answer questions and listen to your concerns.

Green Acres Hemp Farm

Green Acres , USA 5.0 5.0 15 15 I've had eye inflammation and high pressure in my left eye for over 3 years and endured injections every six weeks and bottles of eye drops to no avail. BUT, after taking the High



  1. U guys ROCK❤❤❤❤

  2. Awesome products. Lotion give quick relief to my arthritis and just started the pills, after three days I am noticing some improvement already.

  3. My husband has MS. For the last 2 months he has had generalized itching. I feel like it has to do with nerve damage from MS, but his neurologist doesnt think it has anything to do with MS. The itching is becoming unbearable. Any suggestions?

  4. What works best for chronic pain?

  5. call us and we can talk about it. 941 782 7307

  6. call us at 941 782 7307 we can talk more.

  7. I haven’t had such a good nights sleep in years. It also has helped with my chronic pain. I have almost completely stopped my anti inflammatories. The cream was recommended by my acupuncturist.

  8. Got some cbd capsules for my daughter on Sunday for my daughter that has chronic knee pain, today is day 4 of taking these capsules and has been pain free since day one. Started my mother in law tonight on these hopefully it helps her. Awesome stuff

  9. My husband and I met Jim and Lisa at the Pagosa Springs Farmers Market, we were on vacation from MO. We had been very curious about CBD oil. After talking to them, we decided to try for ourselves. We have been Ranchers for all our lives, it takes a toll on your body. We both have back pain, I had severe knee pain, shoulder pain and TERRIBLE cramps at night. The second night after taking the CBD oil, no more leg cramps!!!!! No more knee pain. Our back pain, is not gone, but better and my shoulder pain is so much better! We are starting on our second 30 day bottle, can’t wait to see how much better we get! Thank You !!!!

  10. I am on several different medications,such as verapamil,cardedilol for blood pressure and I have a heart stint.I also have liver cancer being treated almost gone.Will the CBD pills effect any of this.I have had two back surgery but I am still in pain.Would your pills help me or conflict with my meds?

  11. it will not conflict with your current meds.

  12. Yes! It helped my pain as well so much, unfortunately I am not taking it anymore. My back pain, leg cramps and leg pain is coming back. Very sad!

  13. why are you not taking anymore Monica?

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